HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUTCH!!! Posted July 2011....
As you could tell by the signs in the bar, we were celebrating it on Sunday!

 Thank you to all of our friends that came out to help celebrate Butch's Birthday!

  We appreciate YOU ALL.
   It was the GRAND OPENING of the NEW PATIO!

With the sun, the heat and the Puffed Up umbrellas, all was COOL on the patio!!! 


 The roasted PIGGY was DELICIOUS!!


         The special "WALTER'S" beer was cooold and reeefreshing!!
YES!  this is really a WALTER'S beer can, HOW FUN!




  It was a good reason to come out of the heat..          


       to Eat, Drink and C.E.L.E.B.R.A.T.E...!!!       


(Butch's birthday is acturally this Wednesday July 20th, so stop in this week........
      to wish him a Happy Birthday!)